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Maximize Profits with RetailzPOS Scan Data Program

Unlock a new dimension of profitability by leveraging the power of scan data with RetailzPOS. Transform your bottom line effortlessly, earning cash back through strategic scan data programs and enticing multi-item discount deals at checkout.

Scan Products You Already Sell

No need to change your product lineup. Simply continue scanning the products you already sell in your store. Our system seamlessly integrates with your existing inventory, making it a hassle-free experience.

Partner with leading tobacco manufacturers, such as Altria and R.J. Reynolds, and take advantage of their promotions.

Increase revenue through rebates

Our scanning data programs are designed to reward you for every scan you make. You can earn cashback based on your scan data performance and enjoy the financial benefits of utilizing your existing product offerings. Additionally, you can receive extra revenue by selling sales data to manufacturers. By offering your customers lower prices, you can boost your profits.

Multi-Item Discount Deals

Offer customers multi-item discount deals at checkout to increase satisfaction and sales. Setting up and managing these promotions is made easy with our system.

Seamless Revenue Boost

every scan is an opportunity to boost your revenue. We empower you to earn cash back through our innovative scan data programs.

Automatic Report Submissions

Our system ensures that report submissions happen automatically, saving you time and streamlining your operations.

Get Paid in Full

You get paid in full every month, ensuring a steady and predictable cash flow for your business.

Take your business online with Retailzpos E-commerce Solutions.

Experts who'll ensure your business tech is running smoothly.


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