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Features for Retail Point of Sale Systems

You are special, and so is our wide range of Retail POS features! The X-Factor you are seeking, the ultimate Retail POS system you wish to have,
and the euphoric set of features you are looking for – all of them are right here, at RetailzPOS!

Dual Price

Dual Pricing

Our POS system supports a dual pricing model as a feature that enables regular price as well as a credit card price for all the products or SKUs in your store.Hence, you won’t need to worry about the change in costs of accepting payments. 

When your customers complete the purchase, your retail POS system will keep a total of the credit card price and the regular price. When a payment method is chosen, the POS will print the itemized receipt with the applicable prices.

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Inventory Management

Our Retail POS software comes loaded with inventory management features that help you keep track of your stock at all times. The feature itself has as much power as an independent inventory management software, making it the best solution for your store.

Report Management

Generate various operational reports through our Retail POS software. Keeping your business data up to date was never so easy – thanks to Retailz POS! From accounts to sales – manage all kinds of essential data using our convenient reporting features.
item mgt

Item Management ​

Manage your items effectively through a wide range of RetailzPOS features like access to item history, implementing bulk changes, and creating departments, product categories, or item groupings. You can also manage split-packs, dual pricing, and item variants, to name a few.


Employee Management

Now you can have your staff records and duty allocations – all at one place! Yes, that’s exactly what our POS software facilitates you with so that you can manage your employees efficiently across all kinds of operational and functional touchpoints.


Create and manage mix and match promotions while categorizing them across different departments, groups, and sizes! You can also introduce custom, standard, and multi-item discounts along with promotional offers like Buy One Get One (BOGO).


Allow customers to get cashback after making a purchase, make your POS works similarly to an ATM machine helping customers to withdraw a certain amount of cash through their pin-activated debit card.

NVR Integration

NVR Text inserters offer diverse functionalities, facilitating event search and sharing, along with providing timestamped information about specific occurrences. NVR text inserters overlay data on screen and record real-time data, preventing theft, accounting errors, and shrinkage by ensuring accessibility to relevant details for anyone reviewing security footage.

Mobile Application Management

Retail business is all about staying in sync at all times and our mobile app services help you do just that – with greater ease! Stay connected with your Retail POS system at all times using our mobile app and access all the features that the desktop version offers.
price book (1)

Master Database

With our master database feature, now you can keep track of all your products and manage descriptions, prices, tax applicable, and other charges! Edit it to add new items or adjust the prices with sheer ease. 

You can also integrate promotions, ensure accurate checkout prices, enable auto-update of sales transactions and records, and manage your inventory effectively, no matter when you order or release stocks!

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Pricebook (MasterDatabase)
Inventory Manager
Vendor Management
Item Management & Item History
Scan Data
EDI Invoicing
Price Level
Bulk Change
Split Pack
Employee Time Clock
License ID Scan
Surcharge/Cash Discount
Drawer Reconciliation
Sales summary reports, Item sales summary.
Print Labels
Automated Email Reports
Remote Management: Mobile App & Desktop Portal
Regular Software Updates
24/7/365 Customer Support
Number of Users
Sales & Promotions, Mix & Match Promotions, and Buy One Get One (BOGO)

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