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Revolutionizing RetailzPOS Security

NVR Integration for Surveillance Systems

NVR Text inserters offer diverse functionalities, facilitating event search and sharing, along with providing timestamped information about specific occurrences. NVR text inserters overlay data on screen and record real-time data, preventing theft, accounting errors, and shrinkage by ensuring accessibility to relevant details for anyone reviewing security footage.

Helps to prevent losses

Enhance your loss prevention strategy with RetailzPOS NVR Text Inserters. Analyze shrinkage breakdown and detect errors or theft with video data for a more secure retail business.

Digital Compatibility

In the digital age, RetailzPOS POS Text Inserters are connected efficiently with online and digital IP camera solutions. The compatibility ensures retailers that new technologies will be available for upgrading security measures.

Ease of Setup

One of the key advantages of the RetailzPOS NVR security camera system is the user-friendly nature of the installation. These networks are simplified and directly installed, guaranteeing a low downtime and a quick transition to the operation status.

High-Resolution Recording

RetailzPOS NVR security systems can record video up to 4k resolution. It ensures exceptional clarity, precision, and assessment essential for market surveillance in trade centers.

Cut operational losses

Reduce shrinkage from errors and theft

Stream your store live

Take your business online with Retailzpos

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