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Discover the Power of POS CashBack

Transforming Transactions for Retail Success!

RetailzPOS is determined to serve the retail market with the latest features which introduces its newest feature – the POS CashBack. These points—the whole series of our point-of-sale cashback solutions—are going to help businesses understand why this feature is a must-have at their stores.By enabling customers to get cashback after making a purchase, the POS basically works similar to an ATM machine helping customers to withdraw a certain amount of cash through their pin-activated debit card.

Seamless Cashback Solutions

Unleash The Creative Edge of Cashback Benefits!

Elevate Customer Experience
RetailzPOS allows customers to get cashback and thus their shopping is much more delightful. Customers will not need to go to an ATM because your store becomes a place for convenience that offers both shopping and cashback convenience.
Customizable Withdrawal Options
Customizable cash-back options ($X0 to $X00) simplify transactions and reduce unwanted complexity. This withdrawal is only applicable to debit card payments.
Boost Customer Loyalty
Customer happiness gives rise to customer loyalty. The cashback program provides comfort and hence creates trust and loyalty – people will prefer your outlet for their future demands.
Increase Foot Traffic
Word of mouth is powerful. RetailzPOS Cash Back Feature can fetch more foot traffic as customers especially will pick your store for the added advantage of cashback e.g. ATM.

Getting Cash Back Process Step By Step


Cash Back Request

A customer comes into a store and makes a payment with a debit card. Shopping is made more convenient as customers can request cash back when paying for goods purchased during the transaction.


Select Amount

RetailzPOS gives the option to enable cash back in the terminal and point-of-sale settings which prompts the purchasing customer to choose the amount of cash they want to receive back from the business. The customer chooses the required amount of cashback that is carefully included in the total amount of the transaction.


Cash Back on the Spot

Merchants can put a surcharge % or $ amount on cashback essentially applying an ATM fee. As the transaction gets approved, the customer receives the requested cashback amount from the cashier.

**Please note that Cash Back is only applicable on debit card payments**

Elevate Your Business with Seamless Cashback Solutions

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All set to transform your retail business? The RetailzPOS CashBack Feature is a strategic advantage. Upgrade your point-of-sale cashback system to RetailzPOS and empower your business with solutions that surpass and even create customer expectations, drive loyalty, and put you on the path to retail success.

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