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Simplyfy invoices with EDI invoicing.

Experience a hassle-free invoicing process with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This efficient and seamless solution simplifies procurement processes and establishes better communication channels with suppliers. By adopting EDI, you’ll save time, streamline operations, and enhance the overall efficiency of your business.

Converting Your Invoice to an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Document.

The process begins with the receipt of an invoice from the distributor. This invoice contains essential details such as the price, vendor name, product name, and quantity. Once the invoice is received, its information is processed to generate an electronic data file.

Initiating a connection and transmitting electronic data interchange (EDI) documents.

Next, the electronic data file is transmitted between the EDI provider and our back-office system. This procedure is securely carried out over the Internet with protocols in place to ensure safety.

Upon completion of the transmission, you will have complete visibility of each invoice that comes through your business down to the summary or line-item level.

Save time and increase your profits with our automated solutions.

We’ve partnered with Fintech to automate your manual invoice processes, freeing up time to focus on growing profits and taking care of your customers.

Take your business online with Retailzpos EDI Invoicing Solutions.

Experts who'll ensure your business tech is running smoothly.


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