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One Retail POS System, Many POS Management Features

Store management includes a lot of categories and roles in play. Similarly, our Retail POS system comprises several management features to make
sure your store is always up and running. Let’s take you through four of our frontline management features bestowed within our POS modules!

Mobile Application Management Software

Mobile Application Management

Retail business is all about staying in sync at all times and our mobile app services help you do just that – with greater ease! Stay connected with your Retail POS system at all times using our mobile app and access all the features that the desktop version offers.

Inventory Management

Our Retail POS software comes loaded with inventory management features that help you keep track of your stock at all times. The feature itself has as much power as an independent inventory management software, making it the best solution for your store.

Inventory Management Software
Report Management Software

Report Management

Generate various operational reports through our Retail POS software. Keeping your business data up to date was never so easy – thanks to Retailz POS! From accounts to sales – manage all kinds of essential data using our convenient reporting features.

Employee Management

Now you can have your staff records and duty allocations – all at one place! Yes, that’s exactly what our POS software facilitates you with so that you can manage your employees efficiently across all kinds of operational and functional touchpoints.

Employee Management Software

Item Management

Manage your items effectively through a wide range of Retailz POS features like access to item history, implementing bulk changes, and creating departments, product categories, or item groupings. You can also manage split-packs, dual pricing, and item variants, to name a few.


Create and manage mix and match promotions while categorizing them across different departments, groups, and sizes! You can also introduce custom, standard, and multi-item discounts along with promotional offers like Buy One Get One (BOGO).


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