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An efficient inventory management software for coordinating operations

Automation in the inventory management system can also intensify the efficiency of the administration of stocks. For that reason, business managers can explore other tasks such as planning and increasing the effectiveness of operations.

Effortless Inventory Control
for Informed Decisions

Explore how the RetailzPOS Inventory Dashboard can transform your business.
Get more details about your purchases and assign them to respective items.
Purchases by Distributor

It is important to see the purchases you get from different distributors, an overview of outstanding amounts, and the whole list of suppliers. Watch the movement of your stock in real-time, improve your planning and decision-making, and make the supply chain more dynamic.

Inventory by Distributors

Keep the inventory organized by distributors to know the areas that need improvements and where things are going well. Use stock valuation reports to your advantage to manage your finances, including planning and making wise choices for your business.

Inventory by Departments

RetailzPOS puts the power of inventory at your fingertips and prepares you to deliver amazing results. Gain inventory insights of your business with RetailzPOS Inventory Dashboard. Seamlessly follow the purchases, the invoicing payments, and the inventory tracking through department inventories.

Monthly Stock Value
Track inventory details by specific months and compare your product turnover rates.

Redefining Inventory Management for Seamless Operations

Revolutionizing Inventory Management for Cost-Efficiency, Transparency, and Seamless Customer Experience
Input all invoice data into the RetailzPOS System
RetailzPOS's inve­ntory management feature­ is essential for both businesse­s and customers. It helps reduce­ operational expense­s, increase transparency in the­ supply chain, and simplify tracking through coded distributor formatting, allowing for prompt and reliable orde­rs.
Electronic Purchase­ Bill History
RetailzPOS keeps de­tailed records of all ele­ctronic purchase bills, giving businesses a digital pape­r trail of their procurement activitie­s. This feature makes it e­asy to access past purchases, which helps with auditing and analysis for bette­r decision-making. 
Manual Purchase Bill History
For purchases that are­ recorded manually, RetailzPOS store­s thorough histories of each transaction. It ensure­s accuracy and accountability in inventory management. This functionality allows busine­sses to track purchases made outside­ of automated systems, giving them a comple­te overview of the­ir procurement activities.

Elevate Your Business with Precision and Mastery

Empower Your Business Journey with RetailzPOS: Embrace Precision Reporting, Strategic Inventory Mastery, and Exceptional Supplier Relationships for Unmatched Success.
Inventory Adjustments
By analyzing Inventory Adjustments that include theft, breakage and physical count adjustments, businesses can help identify discrepancies in stock management. This enables them to rectify any issues, leading to lesser errors, minimal losses, and increased accuracy.
InventoryStock Movement by Distributors
Businesses can use data from Stock Movement to identify the most sought-after, rapid-moving products for operational efficiency, inventory management, and strategic marketing.
Purchase Cost History by Distributor
The Purchase Cost History by Distributor helps businesses gain insights on an item’s past costs, quantities ordered, purchase dates etc. which helps them to identify how they can cut costs in the future purchases while maintaining strong distributor relationships.
Item History
Item history provides information on the transaction history, price/cost/quantity changes and even purchase history of an item, which helps businesses analyze sales trends and assists them make more informed and better inventory related decisions.

Empowering Your Success Through Cutting-Edge Inventory Management

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